The Door-Knockers

Charlotte Laws Rebel

Where was everyone? Something seemed “off.” My University of Florida dorm appeared to be deserted. It reminded me of those science fiction movies which portray lifelessness after an atomic bomb or a radiation leak. I stopped, removed my noisy high heels, and tiptoed down the rest of the hall. Why take a chance, I thought. Perhaps there was a gunman around the next bend.

As I neared the common room, I heard a cacophony of muffled sounds and whispers. I opened the door to find the room pitch black, except for suspicious shadows. I moved my hand along the wall until I found the switch, and I flipped on the lights.

“What are you doing?” Rena said in a hushed, but freaked-out voice.

Charlotte Laws student“Turn off the lights. Hurry,” Dottie panicked.

Many of my dormmates were present. Why were they sitting in the dark? Who were they hiding from? My gunman theory was starting to congeal. I quickly switched the lights back off.

“What’s going on?” I spoke in a whisper.

“We’re hiding from the door-knockers. They’ll be here any minute,” a voice replied.

“Who are the door-knockers?” I asked, thinking this must be a violent gang like the Crips or Aryan Brotherhood.

“They’re born-again Christians,” Rena replied.

“You’re hiding from Christians?” I was confused.

“Yes,” she said.