Quotes Charlotte Laws“[She is] a crusader…” — NBC News

“This mom got the bad guy. She dethroned the king of revenge porn. Don’t mess with mom!” – Inside Edition

“She is such an amazing and inspiring woman… It’s not an exaggeration to call Laws a leading expert on how much the internet hates women. She’s a women’s rights activist, former talk show host, and columnist, and she has a Ph.D. in social ethics. She’s also regularly contacted by women from all over the country about what to do when their intimate pictures end up online. She’s the revenge porn fixer, the Erin Brockovich of leaked nudes.”—Buzzfeed

“Charlotte Laws is a tsunami.” – Snatch Magazine (France)

“Dr. Laws must have lived several lives in order to have fitted in the huge amount that she has into her 55 years.” – Daily Mail, UK

“Charlotte Laws is the undercover mom. She takes it to a new level. That’s why they call her the Erin Brockovich of revenge porn.” — CNN

Charlotte Laws Author“In spite of the risks, Laws took up the sword.” –YES! Magazine

“I didn’t realize quite how brave Charlotte Laws is until I see her in action.” – The Guardian (UK)

A champion of the underdog… Laws’ work as a victim advocate continues… [and] she recounts her story in her memoir, “Rebel in High Heels…” – New York Post

“If you care about women, you need this book. Charlotte Laws is the Erin Brockovich of ‘revenge porn,’ and she will change your life just like she changed mine. Buy this for your daughters, your sisters, your mother and yourself.” — Mandy Stadtmiller, deputy editor, xojane

“This book is two for the price of one. Rebel in High Heels provides a gripping account of Charlotte Laws’ dangerous battle against revenge porn. But it also details Laws’ roller-coaster early years: dating a superstar, dealing with suicide, hobnobbing with celebrities, fighting racism and being thrust into the glitzy world of ‘sex for sale.’ By following Laws’ bold, life-crashing adventures, the reader learns how to become a rebel and a relentless advocate for victims. This memoir is about persistence, leading an active life and helping others. Laws invents her own recipe for success. She reveals her secrets in this mesmerizing tell-all book, tidbit by tasty tidbit.” — Every Way Woman Show

“I am glad that Charlotte is sharing her story in writing this book. It is important that we educate people about revenge porn and the devastating effects on victims.”– Senator Anthony Cannella, California

“Charlotte Laws singlehandedly dismantled the empire of pure evil that earned Hunter Moore the title of ‘Most Hated Man on the Internet.’”—MSNBC

“A really cool lady. A kick-ass lady. Rebel in High Heels is a fabulous book.” – The Jim Christina Show

“Charlotte Laws is an agent of change. She has radical ideas and an enlightened viewpoint… I found her book to be exciting, funny, edgy, suspenseful, romantic and entertaining.” – Portland News

“One mother’s journey to affect serious change.” – Alternative Press

Charlotte Laws Anonymous Guy Fawkes“When Charlotte gets something in mind, nothing can stop her…She has embarked upon lots of activities in her life but with one purpose: to fight for her beliefs.” – Stylist Magazine

“Charlotte Laws… a very appropriate last name. Trying to get laws passed in a number of states.” – Fox News

“Charlotte Laws: the woman of a thousand faces.” – Sabado magazine

Charlotte Laws is the woman who crushed America’s revenge porn.” – Verdens Gang, Norway

“My goodness, she does a lot!” – LA Talk Radio

“Dr. Charlotte Laws became the ‘Erin Brockovich of revenge porn’.” – CBS News

Character, creativity, courage and confidence are traits that have made Laws well-known in the U.S. animal communityShe could be known as the Erin Brockovich for animal rights.” – Greanville Post

“Charlotte Laws [is] a prominent anti-revenge porn activist.” – Washington Post

“Sir Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck fell out after fighting over a girl [named Charlotte Laws].” – Daily Mail (UK)

“This mom made it her mission to take down revenge porn kingpin, Hunter Moore.” – New York Observer

“’Rebel in High Heels’ chronicles Charlotte Laws’ relationship with pop icon Tom Jones, as well as how she took down the kingpin of “Revenge Porn” and the many reasons why she’s one of the ‘fiercest’ women in the world.” – Review Fix Magazine

“Never underestimate a former Buckhead debutante.” – Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Charlotte Laws Revenge Porn


*Some of the above quotes come from articles about Charlotte Laws or comments made by hosts during her television appearances.